VÝZVA z CF Europe

Dear Slovak PO member,

I am contacting you today with regards to HIT-CF Europe, the H2020 project focusing on bringing CFTR modulators to CF patients with ultra-rare mutations through the use of organoids https://www.hitcf.org .

CF Europe is actively supporting this project which ultimately strives to develop a path for access to therapies for a group of patients who would could otherwise never benefit from these innovative drugs. CF Europe is also responsible for communication and dissemination of the project, and finds it very important to not only keep patient up to date but to involve them in every step.

As you probably know, Slovak patients that are eligible for inclusion, can participate in HIT-CF via the Czech Republic (https://www.hitcf.org/for-patients/). Therefore, it is very important that these patients are also reached and informed.

Many thanks for keeping us up to date, and for your efforts in this important project.

Kind regards,

Elise Lammertyn, PhD

Head of Research

CF Europe

Joseph Borlélaan 12